Home HIIT Workout for Runners with Roz Purcell (Session 5)

Home HIIT Workout for Runners with Roz Purcell (Session 5)

Home HIIT Workout for Runners with Roz Purcell (Session 5)

Written By: Roz Purcell

Personal trainer Roz Purcell is back with our latest #NoFunStandingStill AT HOME session. In this session, Roz will be guiding you through a tough HIIT workout that’s designed to give your lower legs and joints a break. If your core isn’t screaming by the end of this workout, you’re not doing it right!

This high intensity session will push you hard and get your heart rate up, while also reducing impact on the lower legs, delivering a hardcore, effective workout that helps to reduce the risk of injury through over training.

If you missed them, you can still catch up on Roz’s previous four sessions: Session 1Session 2Session 3 and Session 4.



  • High intensity workout that helps runners maintain base fitness
  • Running focused exercises to improve form and technique
  • Gives the lower legs a break from high impact activity
  • Reduces risk of injury through overtraining
  • Suitable for runners of all levels



  1. Glute Bridge x 15
  2. Deep lunge x 40 seconds on either side
  3. Air Squats x 15
  4. Bear crawl hold for 30 seconds
  5. Wrist workout


  • 4 key movements
  • 35 seconds on
  • 10 seconds off – to transition to next movement
  • 5 rounds with no breaks

1. Bear Crawls

A tough workout for the core that also works the quads, arms and shoulders.


  • Get on all fours in table top position
  • Wrists directly under shoulders, knees directly under hips
  • Make sure the back is straight
  • Tilt pelvis to engage core and tuck feet under
  • Lift knees 2 inches off the ground
  • Option 1 – stay in the hold
  • Option 2 – With opposite arm and leg, take tiny steps forward and back, making sure to keep back straight, wrists under shoulders and knees under hips.

2. Squat Hold with Air Punches

Targets the core, glutes, hamstrings and shoulder muscles and is great for the lower back.


  • Get into squat position and hold
  • Keep the back straight
  • Keep the knees driving out and don’t allow to fall in
  • Punch out while holding squat position

3. Hollow Hold

Strengthens and helps deliver a strong and stable core.


  • Lie down flat on back
  • Legs and arms straight out from the body
  • Raise shoulders and legs from the ground
  • Lower back should remain in contact with the ground at all times
  • Hold position

Alternative variations:

  • Bend knees slightly if your hip flexors are sore or if you find your lower back is lifting off the floor
  • Holding your arms parallel to your sides can help make the exercise slightly easier
  • Lowering your legs further to the floor makes it harder

4. Glute Bridge Marches

The perfect exercise for runners, helping promote a stable core, while also targeting the glutes and hamstrings.


  • Lie flat on back, knees bent and arms in a V-shape by hips
  • Raise hips into high glute bridge
  • Lift one foot off floor, raising knee until above hip
  • Return to floor and repeat on other side in marching sequence.

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