5 Things you should wear to Crossfit

5 Things you should wear to Crossfit

5 Things you should wear to Crossfit

Written By: SportsShoes

CrossFit WODS are built for max power and fast, explosive movement, so you’ll need kit that won’t slow you down. From box jumps and burpees to pull ups and presses, here’s what to wear to power through a hardcore CrossFit workout.


Success is built from a solid foundation and that includes your training shoes. Look for cross trainers that are lightweight and agile however also absorb impact during fast lateral movements. Added to that, they also need to provide a stable base and enough energy return for power while jumping and lifting. Your CrossFit shoes should have:

- Lightweight, resilient cushioning that isn’t too plush, with a relatively firm midsole that allows you to harness, rather than lose energy for maximum power during lifts and jumps.

- A minimal heel to toe drop that allows your foot to sit close to the ground for a stable foundation.

- An upper that wraps the foot with an external heel counter and strong lateral support to help stabilise and secure the foot

- A high abrasion, non-marking outsole with traction that grips during lifts and jumps.

- A breathable upper with plenty of ventilation to help keep your feet cool.

Our picks:

Reebok CrossFit Nano 7.0

Inov8 F-Lite Series


CrossFit is tough, and you’ll be working and sweating hard. Your priorities from your training wear are a) that it keeps you cool and dry, b) that it allows you to move freely and c) with zero irritation or distractions. Look for training tees and tanks with these features:

- Lightweight, breathable fabric that wicks sweat away from the skin

- Mesh inserts at key heat points such as under the arms for added ventilation and cooling

- A slim fit. Baggy T-shirts can get caught on barbells and other equipment. Look for a slim, flexible fit that moves with you during fast moves and allows you a full range of movement

- Flatlock stitching. There’s nothing worse than chaffing while you’re working hard. Look for seamless T-shirts or ones where the seams are flat-locked or bonded to avoid irritation.

Our picks:

Reebok ActivChill T-Shirt

Reebok Womens CrossFit ActivChill Tank


The last thing you want when you’re squatting, jumping and lunging are training pants that restrict your movement or ride up. Your best options are shorts and tights with a 4 way stretch that will allow you to move freely in all directions. Look for the following:

- Breathable, flexible fabric with a high elastane content for maximum stretch that will also ping back into shape.

- A slim, streamlined fit that won’t catch on equipment.

- Again, flat locked or bonded seams to avoid irritation

- If you’re wearing tights, mesh inserts behind the knee will boost cooling.

- Pockets for your essentials, eg. your phone/headphones

- If you’re feeling self-conscious, you can layer looser-fit but high cut shorts over bootie shorts

Our picks:

Reebok CrossFit Compression Shorts

Reebok Women’s RC KWVN Shortie


You’re going to be running, jumping and lifting, and that means you’ll need a sports bra designed for high intensity workouts with optimum support. Your sports bra should have:

- High Impact support. Look for deep underbands and if you’re in need of extra support - moulded cups.

- Breathable, supportive fabric.

- Bonded seams to avoid irritation

- Wide, adjustable and padded straps to avoid digging in

- Mesh inserts for cooling

Our picks:

Reebok Women’s RC Double Strappy Bra

Higher State Run Sports Bra (high support)


Making do with your regular cotton socks isn’t going to cut it here. You’ll need socks with high wicking capabilities to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable during your workout. They’ll need to have:

- Technical, breathable fabric

- An ergonomic fit that hugs the foot to avoid blisters.

Our pick:

Asics 6 Pack Training Socks


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